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September 2011 marks the third anniversary of my online writing adventure.  Northern Reflections began when we lived up north by the above-pictured wild woods and water.  Shortly after that, I added God’s Word is True, Grace with Salt, and Riches in Glory.  A year later Joe and I moved to the (not-so-wild) woods and water of Southern Wisconsin and I added Northernview (now The Messy Palette) to the mix.

Obviously, Northern Reflections leads the pack in number of readers.  God’s Word Is True and Grace with Salt are close to each other in numbers of viewers, amounting to second and third place respectively.  Riches in Glory comes next, followed by the “new kid on the block” Northernview/alias The Messy Palette.

It’s fun to go back to square one and view the search terms used to access these sites.  The stats show which entries are most frequently read.  Blogging is rewarding for me as a free lance writer, because things I wrote online many months ago are still being read. 

Communication is my whole purpose for writing!  For many years I wrote articles and essays for magazines and newspapers—not nearly so satisfying as web writing because:  1)  When writing for publications, I never knew if anyone actually read my published pieces—feedback was rare; 2)  Magazines and newpapers get discarded, whereas cyberspace writing lingers on!  Writers have to LOVE this technology!  🙂

Here are the topics most frequently accessed, per search terms, on my blogs. 

1)  Northern Reflections:  Life before Antibiotics, Polio and Dr. Salk, English Country Decor, Flea Markets and Garage Sales, Edith Schaeffer, Circus Lore and Circus Topics, Decorating with Junk, and Joyce Kilmer’s Poem about Trees.   2)  God’s Word Is True:  “Converge Worldwide”, Purpose Driven Apostasy, The Emergent Church, Israel/God’s Chosen, and Psalm 23.  3)  Grace with Salt:  Scriptures about Forgetting, Scriptures about Pressing On, Dealing with Toxic Relationships, and Dealing with Verbal Abuse.  4)  Riches in Glory:   Most People Don’t Understand Chronic Illness and Pain, Invisible Illness, Introverts and Extroverts, and (this one cracks me up!) Humphrey Bogart Smoking.  5)  Northernview/The Messy Palette:  English Country Gardens, Garden Junk, and Soap.

What a great adventure!  I enjoy the contacts I make through my sites—the responses from family members and friends, and comments received from new kindred-spirited friends as well.  WordPress is a fantastic web host!  The support people are ever-ready, and have helped me wade through a lot of my cyber confusion. 

Thank you, readers—and thank you, WordPress! 

©2011, Margaret L. Been

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