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In two days I’m scheduled for an arthroscopic repair of a torn meniscus in the left knee.  What an amazing thing:  three little holes, tools something like a jeweler might use, and–assuming all goes well–the knee will be fixed, or at least better than it is at the moment.

Modern medicine is one of God’s great miracles.  That’s an area where I have no 19th century nostalgia.  I would not care for leeches in my bed, or having a leg sawed off while whisky was being poured down my throat.  However, some ideas from the past need to be preserved–especially the concept that rest and time are needed for healing.

Obviously walking as soon as possible after surgery is important in many cases.  I plan to grope around with a walker for a week or more.  But I’m committed to changing my pace, easing up on daily activities, and allowing time to heal.

Too often rest is no longer given due respect.  A child may be terribly ill with a high fever from a bacteria one day, and back in the classroom (or on the soccer field) with penicillin in tow the next.  For both children and adults the agendas of work, education, and/or social recreation frequently take precedence over getting off life’s merry-go-round long enough to feel better inside and out.  When we do take time out, we grow in the process. 

I was blessed to be an “at-home mom” for our six children.  What a pleasure it was for me and (I hope!) the children to keep them at home when they were sick–not just for the duration of the fever, but for a couple extra days of recuperation.  More than our children’s physical well-being was at stake.  I was determined that our sons and daughters would not be peer-driven, but rather individuals apart from the crowd.  I believed they needed time out to develop an inner life, and to experience that euphoria of feeling better after an illness while continuing to take life easy a few more days.

For all this talk, I confess to being a person who likes to move around and do as many things as possible.  I can be a “Martha” in the kitchen.  I’m hyper about sorting the laundry by color and texture, into five loads.  The kitchen will be accessible, but the laundry is downstairs.  Joe will insist on doing the laundry in order to keep me on the main floor next week. 

And family members are coming to visit after my surgery!  We’ll not lack for company, assistance, and entertainment.  It will be a time of healing! 

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