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I write a lot about our “full house” of old stuff.  But I do want to share that I appreciate those of you who love the composure and serenity of extra space in your homes!  Indeed there is something very soothing about three interesting things on a table, as well as thirteen.  I do understand your way of seeing!  🙂

The beauty of uncluttered space impacts me whenever we drive through Nebraska or the Dakotas.  Those vast expanses of corn and wheat pressed against a big sky are heartbreakingly lovely!  I never tire of road trips west.  Open spaces tend to surface in paintings reflecting my passion for nature’s beauty.  Hence the above rendering, titled “Deep Powder”.

It is so good that we are all different!  That’s one of many reasons why people are interesting and precious!  How routine it would be if everyone on earth had to walk sideways to get through the furniture groupings in their homes—or found themselves bumping into stuff in the dark of night!  (Around here, things don’t “go bump in the night”.  People do!)

Along with the fact that I’m incurably sentimental about “stuff”, perhaps my love for clutter (albeit organized) is partially due to my reptillian metabolism!  I actually think and move rather slowly—although I’ve been known to talk fast!  Perhaps my decorating style is a kind of visual caffein, keeping my sluggish grey cells as alert as possible throughout the day—just as that ubiquitous “cuppa Jo” keeps my body circulating. 

Meanwhile, I’m thankful that every individual has an unique way of expression in his or her choice of surroundings.  What a blessing!  And without a doubt, The Master Designer has created the most gorgeous decor of all:  priceless views of water, prairie, mountain, and sky!  🙂

Margaret L. Been, ©2011

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