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That winsome Cajun has done it again! 

I have never been a “sports fan”in terms of team sports, but do have a mild interest in some athletics involving individual discipline and performance.  Bump that up a big notch, and you’ll discover that I’m nutty about the horse races–not as a gambler, but rather as an avid appreciator. 

I assumed the interest was solely based on my love for horses.  Having grown up with horses, and ridden some (albeit it Western pleasure riding), horses are a natural for me.  And, they are animalsContrary to my considerable experience with people, I’ve never met an animal that I didn’t like!

I never paid a bit of attention to the jockeys—until Calvin began appearing on our TV screen.  His skill is incredible, and his personality is exuberant.  I get a huge bang out of the way Calvin doesn’t bother to hide his emotions.  His theatrics are entertaining to the max, and you have to love him!

I just GOOGLED the man, and am amazed at his track record.  No matter what one’s field of endeavor, when dedication and discipline are coupled with joy the watching world is inspired!  Calvin Borel exudes unabashed joy.  I think that’s the secret of his appeal!

NOTE:  A year ago, a commentor made a wise observation:  that Americans (and perhaps people everywhere) need upbeat “heroes” especially during troubled times.  Calvin Borel is to our contemporary scene what Shirley Temple and Rin Tin Tin were to Americans during the Great Depression.

© 2010, Margaret L. Been 

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

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