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Our trip north was refreshing and fun.  The ice was melted on our bay and the Canadas, swans, common mergansers, and bufflehead ducks have moved in.  Northerns are spawning, and we watched the bald eagles zooming down to the water in quest of dinner.  

The guest house, which had recently experienced ice and water damage, has been fixed—and once more it’s ready for visitors.  Joe and I did some cleaning and disinfecting there.  The window sills were full of dead flies.  I recalled a little town I once visited in the Cascades—Concrete, Washington—where an annual event was a weeked of festivities centered around a “Dead Fly Contest”.  Evidently the merchant with the most dead flies in his windowsills won.  (Laura and Cindy, does that still happen in Concrete?)

People who know we are hoping to sell our guest house have been asking us, “Have you had any nibbles on your house?”  My answer is YES—loads of nibbles.  But the “nibblers” are not able to meet the financial requirements, because they are tiny 4-footed critters with long tails. 

There are 4 sinks in the guest house, each with a cabinet below containing the plumbing pipes surrounded by a gaping hole from the basement.  Guess what came up through the holes over the winter, in battalions?

You’ve got it.  There were loads of mouse doo doos under all the sinks.  Then Joe found some dead mice in a plastic waste basket with a dome shaped swinging door type opening.  The hapless mice got in and couldn’t get out.  Pretty gross.  

Granddaughter Alicia and friend Patty B., are you online today?  If so, you’ll be very happy to hear that I am finally becoming disenchanted with mice.  I’m sure there are other readers who will be relieved to get this news as well.  I think I’d be thrilled to never see or smell another mouse again—dead or alive.  For a lifelong aficionado of Beatrix Potter stories, that is an amazing statement! 

And I’ve definitely matured beyond the point of deliberately setting cheese out for the mice, unless it would be in a trap.  (Yes, years ago I actually put cheese in a kitchen drawer every night—just as a treat for my nocturnal “pet” mouse.)

Meamwhile, spring is moving in.  The snow patches are gone, and our little condo gardens are sprouting with crocus, tulip, and daffodil leaves.  My chives are up, the rosebush is green at the base, and I’m having a blast sticking fun and funky garden ornaments into the ground.  A few weeks and spring rains from now, I’ll fill the garden spaces with favorite perennials and herbs.  What a joy.

I’m scheduled for sinus surgery on April 20th, and I welcome comments from any and all who have had this bit of fun and games.  But only success stories, please.  Horror stories need not apply.  In the past I’ve never pursued the possibility of a sinus ream job, simply because of some stories I’ve heard.

But great advancements have been made in this surgery—as well as in many other areas of medicine.  Current surgical technology is amazing.  For a CT Scan last week, I was fitted with a kind of a grid thingy over the forehead, into the ears, and pinching my nose.  The scan info went into the head thingy, and was then downloaded onto CDs.  Finally the headgear and CDs were sealed up into a lunchbox type container and sent home with me.  I am to bring my “lunchbox” to the surgery—and from the info therein, the surgeon will know where to go with her reamer.  (It’s really an endoscope, but somehow the word “reamer” is more within my down home frame of reference.)

The surgeon has great confidence that the 4/20 procedure will be tremendously helpful.  And she left me with an encouraging note by saying, “I like to be careful around the brain and eyes”.  🙂

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